Smoked Babyback Ribs with Minas Coffee Rubs

Minas Espresso All Purpose and Honey Chipotle Coffee rubs on babyback ribs

Recipe by Chef Josh

When Minas Espresso decided to make coffee rubs, I was extremely excited. It’s hard to find a good quality coffee rub. So you know I had to get down to business with these farm to table rubs.

-Remove membrane from bone side of the ribs, I recommend using a paper towel.
-Trim slab of any dangling bits of meat or fat. Remove end bones to square off slab as needed.
-With the bone side facing up, lightly mist the ribs with apple juice or water or any preferred liquid. This acts as the binder to help the rub stick and sweat in.
-Apply Minas Coffee Rub (Original or Honey Chipotle) liberally to the bone side first, allow to sweat in for 30 minutes. To learn more about Minas Espresso click here. Great company.

Both the All Purpose and Honey Chipotle Coffee Rubs are out of this world good.

-Flip ribs over to expose meat side, lightly mist with juice, apply Minas Coffee Rub liberally and allow to sweat for 30 minutes before cooking.

The smell of Minas Espresso Rubs is truly amazing

-Dial in your smoker to 225°.
-For smoke I recommend a combination of pecan and cherry but most any wood smoke will work for this recipe.
-After the ribs have sweated, place them on 225° smoker meat side up, push both ends of the ribs together to plump and tighten them up.
-Smoke ribs 1 hour undisturbed maintaining 225°.
-After 1 hour mist ribs lightly with apple juice, water or preferred liquid.

Liquid really helps rubs stick to protein.

-Continue to smoke ribs for 1 hour, then mist ribs again at the 2nd hour mark.

Crack lines in this situation are very good.

-Continue to smoke ribs for 1 more hour.

The smell, oh man the smell!

-At the 3-hour mark it is Time to Wrap the Ribs.
-Layout 2 sheets of foil per slab.

You don’t need a lot.

-Lightly spread out in the shape of the ribs a little brown sugar, a light shake of the Minas Coffee Rub, a drizzle of Pure Maple Syrup and 3 to 4 pats of whole butter.
-Lay the ribs meat side down on the ingredients then lightly mist the bone side of the ribs.
-Double wrap the ribs in the foil tightly and carefully so as not to puncture through the foil.
-Place wrapped ribs back on the smoker, still at 225°, meat side down.
-Smoke for 1 hour in the wrap.

Smoked Minas coffee rubbed babyback ribs coming along.

-After 1 hour, gently unwrap ribs just enough to check for tenderness and the internal temp. You’re looking for around 195°-203° in the rib meat and an overall tender feeling as you probe the meat sections.

Quick tip for best results

-If tenderness or temp isn’t there yet after 1 hour, rewrap and reset timer for 20-30 intervals to continue checking internal temps and tenderness until target temps and/or desired tenderness is reached.
-Once the ribs are done, vent the foil to let the steam and heat out. Rest the ribs in the foil for 10 minutes.
-Remove ribs from foil and gently place back on smoker, meat side up.

-To finish ribs dry rub style, lightly dust the ribs with Minas Coffee Rub and a light layer of brown sugar and let smoke 15-20 minutes to reset the bark.

Look at how the Minas Espresso coffee rubs color comes through

-To finish with a sauce, warm sauce slightly then gently brush sauce onto ribs and let smoke 15-20 minutes to allow the sauce to set on the ribs.
-Pull ribs off, let rest 12 minutes tented under foil before slicing and eating.

Enjoy Smoked Minas Coffee Rubbed Ribs!!!