Thanksgiving Turkey Bundle

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Gobble Gobble Ya’ll! Select whatever Code 3 rub you’d like.

Kosmos- Turkey Brine

In stock

Cornhusker- Gourmet Duck Fat Spray

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Meat Brine Bag - Extra Large × 2

Out of stock

Code 3 Spices- Top Gun Rub- Everything Blend- 12oz

In stock

Code 3 Spices- Backdraft- Hot and Smokey- 12oz

In stock

Code 3 Spices- Grunt Rub- Garlic Blend- 12oz

In stock

Code 3 Spices- Rescue Rub- All Purpose- 12oz

In stock

Code 3 Spices- Sea Dog Rub- Cajun Blend- 12oz

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Code 3 Spices- 5-0 Rub- Sweet and Zesty- 12oz

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Gobble Gobble Ya’ll! The leaves are falling and now it’s time to talk Turkey, Thanksgiving Turkey that is! This year not only is our BBQ Bundle more affordable it is also much more convenient since we replaced the big bulky brine bucket with the more user-friendly Brine Bags. Our bundle includes 2 Extra Large Brine Bags with Twist Ties, a Pouch of Kosmos Q Famous Turkey Brine, one can of Cornhusker Duckfat Spray and Your Choice of a 12oz Bottle of Code 3 Spices Rub.


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