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Hello BBQ Friends –

The Steak Class we held at the beginning of the year was a big success. Since then, I have had 4 or 5 people ask if we were going to offer it again. Yes, September 3rd, just ahead of Labor Day. Tyler and I will be doing a variety of Steaks cuts and cook methods: NY Strip, Prime Ribeye and 2” thick Tomahawks. We will always demonstrate the full cook (and share our recipes). This time we are even going to show a Sous Vide method, which is a fun way to cook a Steak, if you have never tried. As you know, we also like providing some accompanying ideas that work well with the Steaks. We plan on doing a Compound butter and a Chimichurri that will knock your socks off. There will certainly be a side dish to go along with the Steaks and ALWAYS plenty of Steaks to taste. I know Josh, at Collinsville BBQ Supply will put together a wonderful Steak Bundle Kit – Discounted heavily, so make sure you bring a few extra bucks to take advantage.

Class Time is approximately 2 Hours and will run from Noon to 2:00PM — $100 covers The Perfect Steak Class (including all Recipes, Processes and Samples)


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