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The time has come to deliver the ultimate sear on a wood pellet grill. By combining American-Made HeatWaves and American-Made GrillGrates, the SearMate from Smokin Brothers gives the ability to deliver an award-winning sear on any pellet grill. The SearMate frame by itself allows for the connecting of two HeatWaves into one sturdy component that redirects the heat of a pellet grill across the grilling surface and is super easy to take on and off. Add the optional GrillGates and/or GrillGrate Griddle and not only can. you have an out-of-this-world sear, but also turn your wood pellet grill into a flat top griddle. Breakfast has never been the same!

SearMate is available as a frame by itself, a combo with HeatWaves, or go all the way and purchase the full sear station with GrillGrates. GrillGrate Griddle available separately.

NOTE – Best results achieved by placing SearMate into grill without cooking grids. Placing on top of cooking grids may prevent lid from closing fully.


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