PKGO w/Flip Kit Grill Bundle

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The PKGO is one of the most versatile travel grills you can buy. You get two Hibachi style grills in one!

PK Grills- PK Go w/ Flip Kit

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Blues Hog- Charcoal Briquettes

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Chigger Creek- Sweet n Smoky- Wood Chunks- Ozark Apple

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Available exclusively to the customers of Collinsville BBQ Supply is the raved about PKGO in a bundle. We’re giving you the camp and tailgate king and three additional items for $369.99!

The PKGO may be small but it has for quality and abilities than most grills you’ll find a big box stores. This grill is so powerful it’s used by professional steak competitors. Anytime a consumers can purchase something that the pros use you know you’re buying a product meant to last and serve you well.

We’re giving you a bag of charcoal and smoking wood for free to those that buy this bundle.


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