PK360 Grill Bundle

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An incredible savings on this amazing grill bundle.

PK Grills- PK 360 - Silver

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Rockwood- Lump Charcoal

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PK Grills- The Littlemore Grid

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Chigger Creek- Sweet n Smoky- Wood Chunks- Ozark Apple

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Available exclusively to the customers of Collinsville BBQ Supply is a bundle with BIG savings. We expect to sell out of this one.

PK 360 – This grill is LOVED by those that have them. Why? The PK360 is compared to the Big Green Egg and PrimoL300. The major difference is it’s not ceramic. Ceramic grills take a loong time to heat up and longer to cool down. They also are hard to move around. Go to a BBQ competition one day, you might not see any ceramic grills. PK is known for building competition workhorses. This grill hits everything that fans were asking for including height. Rajan (one of the owners of Collinsville BBQ Supply) has this grill and loves to cook on it. We asked Rajan for a quote and he said, “I have more grills at my house than most people will buy in a lifetime and the PK360 is one I go to frequently for my cooks. It’s also a great grill for tall people compared to many others. Finally a grill meant to handle crazy high temps, easy to clean and can be easily rolled around. Thank you PK!!!”

Rockwood Lump Charcoal – Rockwood charcoal is a premium all-natural charcoal. When you’re cooking food on a grill you want to have a heat source that won’t add chemicals to your grill or food. Rockwood is made in Missouri from Missouri oak, hickory, maple and pecan. It burns longer and was named the best overall lump charcoal in 2021 by NBC Select.

Chigger Creek Wood Products – Another all natural product. This ones a smoking wood. Add some Chigger Creek to your charcoal to put some amazing flavor into your food. These products are truly amazing.

PK Littlemore Grid – This little product was so smart for PK to make. Think about this, you sear some food to lock in the flavor but you don’t then want to be concerned about overcooking your food. So you put this bad boy on your grid and it raises your food off the grilling surface to let your food cook slower. Kind of reminds us of how the Santa Maria style grills perform. Very smart tool to have,

If you’ve been looking for a grill that will last, has more cooking surface than a Big Green Egg or Primo L300, plus is easy to move around and has a height great for taller people, this bundle is for you.


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