PK Grills- The Original- Silver


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We call it the New Original because at the heart of its upgraded retro architecture, our grill embodies the spirit and pure cooking simplicity of the very first cast aluminum PK Grill to come out of its mold in 1952. Still built to cook. Still built to last. As always, 100% Original.

3" taller working height

Radial vents with hashmarks for ease of use and precise air control

New durahinge™ design offers more stability open or closed

Wider, more precise lid seal

Interior ash containment and airflow management

More ergonomic handle

Custom aluminum wheels with rubber tires

More shelf space

Ultra-high-quality cart construction

Temperature probe access door

Reengineered cooking surface with removable fuel door

Optional lower storage bin

Optional Tel-Tru thermometer

Optional Flipkit™*


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