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Recently, Tyler and I took a little time off the schedule and helped with the Waterloo, IL Optimist BBQ Competition. While we were there, we had the chance to meet a few of the newer teams. It got us thinking – While we really love the BBQ Academy Trainings and the Next Level Backyard Series… Why don’t we host an affordable, Complete Start to Finish BBQ Training geared specifically toward newer teams? All 4 Korte supplied meats covered and EVERYONE welcome. Full trailer, full prep, full cook, and full turn ins. Friday, June 3rd 6PM at Collinsville BBQ Supply – For trim, prep, injections, rubs and sauces. Coolers welcome and we expect this will take about 2 hours.

The next morning, Saturday, June 4th 5:30AM at Collinsville BBQ Supply – Full Competition Cook including timeline and turn in. All Korte Meat Products and complete recipe “tell all”. The first meat goes on at 6:00AM. We will have a snack or two and water (as usual). $150 a person for both days and we will share copies of Recipes and Timelines.

Everyone Welcome!


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