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Big Swede BBQ Badass Beef Boost is a bold and flavorful beef rub with a perfect balance of sweet, hot, savory, and salty flavors. It is a serious competition grade rub that will lift your beef to the next level.

Made with bigger cane granules it works excellent on long cooks like brisket, but it also doesn’t burn on the short and hot cooks like steaks. It is also great on other meats – try it on pork chops, lamb chops and even tuna steak. The balance with the hot spices and the smooth sweetness makes it a great all-purpose spice rub for competitors and backyarders alike. The rub also gives the meat a great red color.

Took 4th place overall (out of 196 rubs) at the 2018 American Royal World Series Barbecue Rub Contest.


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