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Save your pork recipes from being plain and dry with BPS Pork Prod Pork Injection. Pork Prod focuses on pumping up the natural flavors of pork while adding moisture, providing you with tender pork that is full of flavor. If you’ve ever struggled with pork, Big Poppa’s Pork Prod is the secret ingredient your recipes have been missing.

Big Poppa’s Pork Prod Injection has been thoroughly tested by top pit masters on the competition BBQ circuit for months before release – so you know it’s 100% pit master approved. With no harsh chemical flavors like other injections, Pork Prod is will take your BBQ pork from average to over the top.

Versatile enough for backyard BBQ, competition barbecue, and everything in between – Pork Prod will not fail to provide you with great pork results. Use Pork Prod to boost the taste, texture and overall appearance of your pork recipes. Use it on all cuts of pork: pork butt, pork ribs, pork loin – anything you want to add flavor to.


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