Big Poppa Smokers- Double Secret- Steak Rub


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Big Poppa's Double Secret Steak Rub is the secret ingredient your steak has been missing. This BBQ rub has been specially formulated to bring out the best flavors in any cut of steak (tri-tip, ribeye, filet mignon, etc.), and it also brings out the best flavor is just about anything beef. It's even great on baked potatoes and other sides. The secret behind this blend of spices is the large course sea salt. The blend of spices with quality sea salt compliments the natural flavor of beef creating an irresistibly delicious cut of meat.

Barbecue pros and backyard BBQ enthusiast can't get enough of this secret rub. Double Secret Rub fanatics have even started using this rub in the kitchen as an all-purpose seasoning.


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