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Big Poppa created the Cattleprod injection while focusing on real, beefy flavor to improve his BBQ brisket recipe. You won't find any harsh chemical flavors in the Cattleprod beef & brisket injection, just a beautifully flavored piece of meat.

Featuring big beef flavor, this brisket & beef injection has been put through rigorous testing via the competition BBQ circuit. Top level BBQ teams have been reporting back with perfect brisket scores across the country, along with a perfect score at the 2015 American Royal Invitational aka the World Series of BBQ (in case you didn't know, that is a huge deal in the BBQ world).

You can now have that same championship BBQ brisket flavor in your backyard with Big Poppa's Cattleprod brisket & beef injection – it really is the "secret sauce" that your barbecue brisket recipe needs. Think of it as a nudge towards BBQ brisket nirvana.


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