All Q’ued Up – Stateline Bold – Beef Rub


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When creating a cooking masterpiece, it all begins with the right foundation of flavors, it is no different in the game of award winning BBQ. Whether slow smoking succulent meats, or grilling steaks or veggies hot and fast at a family get together, Stateline BOLD is the flavor foundation you need. Stateline Bold is a "DELUXE" salt, pepper, garlic seasoning with a balance of core spices, and extra "enhancements" that create the perfect base seasoning layer. The seasoning is also BOLD enough to be used on it's own for mouthwatering flavors. An excellent substitute for salt & pepper on your favorite dishes as well. If you are looking for an "Enhanced" SPG seasoning that can help perfect your cooking, make sure you give Stateline Bold fair shake!

Ingredients: Salt, Garlic, Onion, Black Pepper, MSG, Jalapeno, Spices


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