Homemade Coffee Rubs In A Bottle?

The beginning of a new era in coffee rubs

What I love about being in business is seeing true genuine game changers emerge out of nowhere. Minas Espresso has done just that with their new coffee rubs. Before I go into the details of the products and why I feel they’re a game changer, I want to first help you understand Minas Espresso.

Minas controls the coffee bean from start to finish. True farm to packaging. In addition, Minas Espresso is a family owned and operated business. Whenever you support family owned you know you’re getting something special. It’s not about throwing something together and smacking a label on it to make money. It’s a lifelong journey to provide a little of who they are, to you.

The Minas Farm in Brazil

A labor of love is an understatement when you’re talking Minas Espresso Coffee. Craig from Minas recently went to Brazil and sent me these amazing pictures. As a lover of business processes I was blown away at the processes they use from start to finish. It becomes quite apparent that the coffee is going to be great and oh man, is it. You have got to try the service blend. The freshness and distinct taste comes flowing through with every sip. Watch the below video while sipping some; it’s a wonderful feeling of connection to Minas.

Now for the Coffee Rubs

Coffee rubs are nothing new. However, usually the ones worth putting on food are the ones you make yourself. Do a quick search of coffee rubs and you’ll see that the majority of the ones mentioned are recipes someone has made. Why? Coffee beans are not like other ingredients used to make rubs and seasonings. The coffee beans are actively changing and the farmer of coffee beans really has to know what they are doing when they pick the coffee cherry. The National Coffee Association has a wonderful article on what is coffee.

Almost every rub and seasoning company that has a coffee rub on the market has to source the most important ingredient, coffee. Some may choose to just purchase whatever they can find. Some may choose to partner with a coffee provider and take what the coffee manufacturer isn’t using. Minas is the coffee maker and has selected certain beans from their farm to be in their two coffee rub blends. They provide the rub manufacturer with their roasted and ground beans to add to the additional ingredients to make their products. The consumer of these rubs are getting products just as fresh as their coffee. It would be hard to produce that even with a homemade recipe featuring your favorite coffee.

All Purpose Blend Coffee Rub from Minas Espresso

Do yourself a favor and grab a pinch of this rub and put it on the middle of your tongue. It’s refined. It delivers on the front and back of your palate and has an outstanding finish after consuming. It’s also not all coffee tasting. You can taste blends of ingredients that indicate it wasn’t thrown together. It tastes homemade but with perfectly selected coffee beans.

Many coffee rubs on the market will not do the same thing. Try for yourself if you have another coffee rub. The finish is usually hard with a strong bitter taste. The front will hit you square in the mouth (which isn’t bad), the back is almost nonexistent though. The moment you remove the seal of this all purpose rub from Minas Espresso, you know it’s different in every way. The amazing smell goes straight to the back of your nostrils, immediately letting you know it’s serious and you’re in for a treat.

With the all purpose coffee rub, your mind will immediately go to thinking about the various foods you want to try it on. Minas has called this rub all purpose because it is. It’s a rub you can put on so many different things. As Chef Josh mention in the product description, this rub is sweet and savory with gourmet coffee notes. It can be used on all your favorite meats as well as popcorn, as a salad topper, on grilled veggies, potatoes (you’ve got to try this on potatoes!) and nachos. Yes, nachos.

Honey Chipotle Coffee Rub

When I heard Minas was not just coming out with one coffee rub but two, and the second was a honey chipotle coffee rub, I literally started clapping. One great coffee rub is already difficult to find, but to make a honey chipotle coffee rub, that means Minas isn’t playing around. They’re serious about the coffee rub scene and want to help move the market into understanding how coffee rubs should be made. So how is this rub? It delivers and then gives a gentle kick without being extra sweet and extra spicy. It’s phenomenal! It’s so different than the all purpose. It can stand on it’s own without needing the all purpose to complement it and its unlike anything in the market today. Chef Josh informed everyone in his description of this product that it’s geared towards all meats and seafood. This honey chipotle coffee rub has a flavor bomb finish. Remember earlier I told you other coffee rubs have a mouth punch on the front of your mouth, this one has it in the back! This means the flavor hangs around, meaning whatever you put it on will have an amazing last bite, not just the initial first taste.

Minas Coffee Rubs can handle high heat grilling

What’s also amazing about these rubs is they can handle high heat grilling. You may be like, “can’t all rubs handle high heat grilling?”. The answer is no. Coffee rubs in particular are made with, well coffee. Scorching coffee is going to give it a bitter taste. As mentioned previously many manufactured coffee rubs on the market have a bitter front end before you even cook with them. Not with these rubs. You can hot and fast cook with these rubs and not have that bitter taste known to just about every coffee, which is why most recipes for coffee rubs are low and slow.

Final Thought

Minas Espresso has knocked it out of the park with these coffee rubs. Please let us know how you use these rubs. We’re excited to see how the community takes to them and the various recipes that will be shared. I personally thank you for supporting and buying from small and family owned businesses.