Competition Chicken Thighs

competition chicken thighs

8 -10 Bone in, Skin on Chicken Thighs (trimmed of excess fat)

Bonus: Chicken Soak or Gamechanger Brine (4-6 hours in advance) *

Hogs N Heat BBQ Rub

Code 3 Top Gun Rub

Hogs in Heat BBQ Sauce + a bit of Apple Juice mixed in to thin


Injection mix

1/2 Water and 1/2 Low Sodium Chicken Broth. Add 1/4 Cup of Chicken Soak or Oakridge Game Changer. Please follow the directions.

Preheat the Smoker to about 275 degrees

Layout the Chicken Thighs flat and begin Trimming: Tendon, Flap Fat, Square the Chicken meat, Leave the Skin big and remove any Cartlidge you can. Fold under.

Flip Upside down in a half pan.

Hit the undersides with Hogs in Heat and Top Gun – Lightly.

Place the Chicken onto a greased aluminum rack (Pizza grate or similar) so the top of the thigh is upright.

Hit the Top of the Chicken with Hogs in Heat and Top Gun – Medium.

If you are using Lump (Oak) Charcoal, do not add Smoke Wood. If you are using briquettes, add a bit of light Apple and Pecan (very small amounts)

Put the Chicken on for 45 Minutes. Mark Time.

At 45 Minutes- Pull the Chicken and place them into a half pan. Add 2 sticks of butter (cut into pats and distributed equally) into the Pan.

Cover the Chicken with Aluminum Foil.

Put the Chicken back onto the Smoker and let it go another 30 minutes. Mark Time.

Prepare the Pizza Rack / Grate, with Aluminum Foil under it and have the Sauce ready in a square tin or bowl. Best to have the Sauce mixed and warm it up a bit.

Pull the Chicken from the pit and uncover it. Dip each of the Chicken Thighs into the Sauce and then place them back onto the Pizza Rack.

Put the whole Pizza Rack (uncovered) back onto the Smoker for a short while – Let the Sauce set (about 7 minutes).

Let the Chicken Thighs rest just a short minute and then server them warm.