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The owners of Code 3 Spices and a couple business partners would like to welcome you to Collinsville BBQ Supply, where we strive to provide high quality pellet smokers, grills, smoking woods and so much more. Our store wouldn't exist without the community so thank you for your support.

Napoleon JetFireThe claims are real

We Now Carry Hunsaker Drums!!!

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Minas Espresso Coffee Rubs

These are not just another coffee rub. Minas Espresso runs a family coffee farm in Brazil and has selected certain beans for their rubs. These are a must try.

Who wins between Weber and Napoleon

Crank It Up Grills Has Officially Launched

Team Meat Candy will be doing a variety of steak cuts and cook methods: NY Strip, Prime Ribeye and 2” thick Tomahawks. They will always demonstrate the full cook (and share recipes). This time they are even going to show a Sous Vide method, which is a fun way to cook a Steak, if you have never tried. They plan on doing a Compound butter and a Chimichurri that will knock your socks off. There will certainly be a side dish to go along with the Steaks as well.

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